Are you among those repeat visitors who dropped so much in love with the island that you decided to move to Aruba? It ought to be a huge decision to make, yet it’s not unlikely anyhow. You are simply one of the many people who have actually discovered enough reasons to intend to stay in Aruba.

Arubans virtually live in a somewhat high standard of living. Those that desire to work actually do discover job. Their reduced criminal activity rate degree supports the fact that hardship is not obvious on the island. So, as an immigrant, it shouldn’t be much of a trouble also, right?


Aruba employment law mentions that a work permit should be gotten from the Priest of Justice by a non-citizen that desires to work in Aruba. The application is submitted by the prospective company who will certainly also bear the costs. A work authorization is granted unless a regional applicant is located suitable for the task. There are numerous various other files that require to be presented with the application. These include a main accreditation removing the individual of any kind of criminal sentences from the country of origin, clinical certification to confirm that the individual possesses no transmittable conditions or mental disease, copies of the work promotions published in local papers, certifications to verify the individual’s qualifications, and the agreement of employment according to Aruba work legislation.

The minimal lawful wage per month is $592 with fifteen paid holidays each year. Aruba work regulation acknowledges eleven public holidays yearly. The Aruba work regulation further states that a five-day workweek ought to not surpass 42 hours of job, that is, a six-day workweek ought to just have 45 hrs of job. This holds true if business is none of the following: restaurant, online casino, resort, or oil refining. Otherwise, change job enables an optimum of 48 hours of work per week.

The minimum wage established last January 1, 2004 was $691 monthly or Afl 1,236, for every employee at least 18 years old. As per Aruba work regulation, this month-to-month base pay was once more increased last January 1, 2006 making it at $756 or Afl 1,360.

According to the Aruba work regulation, in cases of discharge, settlement is based upon the length of service. Employees serving in between 1-10 years will obtain a week’s pay. Those that were used between 10-20 years will certainly get 1.25 week’s pay. And also for those who served more than two decades get an equivalent of 2 week’s pay.

The Aruba employment regulation plainly safeguards the legal rights of its people. They are being focused on for work vacancies for as lengthy as they qualify. No surprise this island possesses one fantastic treasure– its delighted individuals.

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